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Originally Posted by CurrentlyPissed View Post
Probably going to return the Aorus Elite for the Strix, or Aorus Ultra. Theres a few things I should've paid more attention to the board that I'm kinda annoyed at. But I'm sure it's the C6H just had me spoiled.

-no on-board LED for trouble codes.
-4 pin power delivery instead of 6 pin
-sounds silly, but the RGB on this for a $200 board is lackluster at best. Why it's even on here I have no idea, it's so dainty.
-biggest thing I thought it had the Realtek ALC 1220 chip, it doesn't. I has the ALC 1200. For a $200 board, that's unacceptable.
-1x 16x PCIe 4.0 lane, if I ever do go a 2nd card, the 2nd PCIe is only 4x and handled soley by the chipset.

I'm starting to see how expensive these 570 boards are. Kinda sucks. I paid less for my C6H 2 years ago. They just lack alot of basic features for this price point, and add alot of "fluff".

I do like that Gigabyte already did 2 bios updates however. Way better than ASUS.
Is your CH6 not working for you, or do you just want more "new" stuff?
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