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Interesting thread Making the big jump to Windows 10 myself (clean reinstalls, the lot) having had a chance to seriously get my hands on the OS at work through a project I'm involved in.

So for now it's all snappy and running beautifully on a SSD powered EliteBoook G3 (Core i7). I got a refurbished laptop for my parents (Latitude E5550) using a mechanical disk, the performance hit during boot and access times is noticeable. Very usable, still, you get used to a SSD quite fast it seems...

Moving on to my desktop system as I'm writing (positively a dinosaur by now, Gigabyte P35 DS3R / Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 8GB RAM I built in 2008) and installing on a RAID-0 of mechanical HDDs I used to run virtual machines on with the old Win7 OS. Watching how far I can push it

EDIT : not reporting in RT, but it was a quick build... Loaded the CG drivers, Windows had drivers for everything else, now on to loading Unreal Tournament 2004 and see if it runs
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