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Originally Posted by Swiftdeathz View Post
I've thought about switching teams but points not carrying over is a real bummer. I have been with this team since around 2002 so unless they at some point disband I'll continue with them. My production isn't anything crazy though so it's not like I'll impact the team much.
I understand your point... but your total points do carry with you. It's just the points per team that that are separate.

And, looks to be pretty much disbanded (of sorts) already with just 1 person accounting for about 78% of the teams daily points and they are also responsible for about 50% of the entire teams points. Here, our biggest PPD producer (Ryoko!) is bringing in about 16% of the teams points. We really are a team over here!

Anyway... just me drinkin' and blabin'. If you would like to fold for us then cool. If you would just like to be part of the forums then that's cool too. Glad to have you either way!
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