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Caleb is still being judged by the masses


Enough is enough - and you feel that you've had enough for a while. You don't need any more battles. You just would like to be able to shout "stop" and experience a little peace and calm ... even if it be only for a little while. This doesn't mean that you need to cut yourself off from the rest of the world ... it just means that you are seeking some respite... some physical or emotional relaxation that could release some of the the tension and possibly reduce the internal conflict....

You are a leader and possibly at this tine in a position of authority. But you are experiencing problems ... You are not quite sure how to handle the present situation .. .

You are feeling under considerable pressure and you are being forced to make concessions. You are not particularly happy with this state of affairs but you feel that you have no alternative. If you were to force issues you would be left out or completely ignored by one and all ...

Recent disappointment has led you to become truly introverted. You are becoming suspicious of everybody and consequently you now feel that you are unable to trust anybody..Unfortunately it would appear that you are curbing your natural enthusiasm and imaginative nature ... perhaps this is because you are fearful that you may become over enthused and find that you could possibly be carried away by wishful thinking... You are keeping your distance to see whether attitudes towards you are sincere - but this watchfulness could easily develop into suspicion and distrust.

You wish to safeguard yourself against criticism or conflict and to embed yourself in a protected situation. You are a difficult person to relate to and very difficult to please

Hmm something ALWAYS hits close to home, much of this is utter bullshit and the answers are designed to fit almost everybody.
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