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Ryoko is still being judged by the masses


holy @!%&!!!! i just did it again, closed my eyes, started clicking, had no idea if i was clicking in the window... SAME RESULTS!!!

Your mind is never at rest ..You are continually striving to influence all those about you. You have some excellent ideas but you persist in trying to persuade others just how great your ideas really are. Maybe you are trying too hard...Take it easy... remember - "Everything comes to those who wait".

Everything seems to be going against you at this time .. Try as you may - you are meeting with considerable resistance at every turn. Nothing is going as you would plan. The situation is difficult and you are trying to persist in your objectives against resistance. It would appear that you are being very secretive about your future plans just in case people around you try to thwart you.

There are at times of everyone's life when "compromise" is the name of the game...and this is the time. So you have no alternative but to forgo some pleasures for the time being. You are capable of achieving satisfaction through physical activity.

All of your stress arises from lack of mutual understanding. The existing situation is unsatisfactory and you feel that you are unable to improve it without the help and co-operation of others. The need for understanding and for affectionate "give and take" remains unsatisfied. You are experiencing the feeling of being "handcuffed" ... "tied down" ... "hindered" ..."restrained" and this untenable situation is giving rise to impatience, irritability and the desire to escape from it all..

Matters are not all that they would appear to be and you are critical of the existing conditions which you feel are confused and disorganised. You are therefore looking for a modus operendi which will simplify the situation so that you will be able to see the "trees in the woods".
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