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Originally posted by CyberStoner
Hey we all have stress...
You think it's ATi related?
If I have any then one source it would have to be is the computer... memory, keyboard, mouse, ps/2 ports all screwing me around. The Radeon is one of the few things that is working (fingers crossed).

Other than that, my highest stress levels are being produced by a few moronic individuals on this planet, in particularly Jamie Oliver, Robbie Williams, Mr Beckham (and David) and every pop, rap, nu-metal, easy listening, soft rock and r'n'b (the pop crap, not the true rhythem and blues) act that walked the face of this earth.
And technology begat industry...
And industry begat capitalism...
And capitalism begat communism...
And communism begat anti-communism...
And anti-communism begat facism...

Ahh, technology!
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