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whyamihere is still being judged by the masses


At this time you are feeling "Up tight" and you are urgently in need of rest and relaxation. But perhaps even more than that you need to overcome that feeling that you have been "hard done by" and treated with a complete lack of consideration. Maybe you have, but whatever may have been the cause of your inherent anxiety, you regard the situation as intolerable. But you are sufficiently competent to turn that situation around. You have indeed overcome similar problems in the past - and really - this one isn't too different.

You are a leader in every sense of the word. You know where you are going and you know what you need to do in order to get there. You exercise an inherent initiative in overcoming obstacles and difficulties. You either hold or wish to achieve a position of authority in authority by means of which full control can be exerted over events.

You are prepared to establish a particular relationship that is being made available to you at this could be a satisfactory liaison...but there could be a certain amount of conflict involved...try to avoid direct confrontation at all costs...

Recent disappointment has led you to become truly introverted. You are becoming suspicious of everybody and consequently you now feel that you are unable to trust anybody..Unfortunately it would appear that you are curbing your natural enthusiasm and imaginative nature ... perhaps this is because you are fearful that you may become over enthused and find that you could possibly be carried away by wishful thinking... You are keeping your distance to see whether attitudes towards you are sincere - but this watchfulness could easily develop into suspicion and distrust.

You are inclined to be too trusting and you feel that you need to be on your guard against the possibility that your endeavours and actions may be misunderstood. Too often you have been taken advantage of and you have been mentally abused. Now you are seeking a relationship which can provide peace of mind, where you can be yourself and not have the need to put on a false front...

* * *

Maybe that's why I'm an insomniac... Only problem is that you'll never meet a more lazy person than me.

I laugh incredibly at the leadership bit.
And technology begat industry...
And industry begat capitalism...
And capitalism begat communism...
And communism begat anti-communism...
And anti-communism begat facism...

Ahh, technology!

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