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Snuffoleupagus is still being judged by the masses


Here's my utterly shockingly, horrifically, right-on, results:

"At this time you are really feeling quite exhausted by all the conflict and quarrelling that is going on about you and you are looking for some sort of protection from this state of affairs. Ideally you are seeking a peaceful condition and a tranquil environment in which you can be afforded the chance to relax and recover.

You haven't been feeling that great lately. Both physically and mentally you are exhausted To your best friends ... those who know you and love you - it shows. Your self esteem has been reduced almost to a minimum and in order to recover - and recover you will - it is necessary that you get away from it all even if it be only for a few days...

Nothing seems to be going right for you, and you are thwarted every way you turn. You are not at all happy with the situation but it would appear that there is very little that you can do about it at this time...Sit back...let the situation take its course, because at this time you feel that there is nothing you can do to change whatever needs to be changed.

Recent disappointment has led you to become truly introverted. You are becoming suspicious of everybody and consequently you now feel that you are unable to trust anybody..Unfortunately it would appear that you are curbing your natural enthusiasm and imaginative nature ... perhaps this is because you are fearful that you may become over enthused and find that you could possibly be carried away by wishful thinking... You are keeping your distance to see whether attitudes towards you are sincere - but this watchfulness could easily develop into suspicion and distrust.

In the past your trusting attitude has often been misunderstood ... and so you have needed to protect yourself against your tendency to be abused and taken advantage of. As a consequence you possibly adopt an aloof and critical attitude and you are only willing to let your guard down once sincerity and trustworthiness can be assured."

Pretty freaky considering all of this is dead-on with what's going on right now...
"I know I'll get it right, but I don't know when, but I've got something inside and I'll open my eyes, but I'll just jack-off in my room until then" -truly great words of wisdom
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