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Darin is still being judged by the masses

Default My results....

You are the sort of person that needs a peaceful environment. You seek release from stress and freedom from conflicts and disagreements, of which you seem to have had more than your fair share .But you are taking pains to control the situation by proceeding cautiously..and you so are right in so doing so... You are a very sensitive person -

You are experiencing considerable difficulty trying to achieve your goals. As a consequence of this you are becoming more and more irritable. Your friends and acquaintances are finding it increasingly more difficult to appease or to reason with you.. You are the cause of your own problems .... Don't be so impulsive. It is your vacillation that can lead to problems and uncertainties. Ease up a little..

You are a perfectionist in everything that you put your hand to. You are demanding and very exacting in the standards you apply to your choice of colleagues and friends...perhaps you demand too much from people...That perfection you seek in a particular person is illusive...perhaps it does not even exist...

Whatever you strive to do, something always seems to be holding you back. There is no subterfuge in you. You are a clear thinker and all you demand from life, in a relationship, is a partner whom you can trust and with whom you can, together, develop a foundation of trust based on understanding. You are your own person... and you demand freedom of thought follow your own convictions. You have no interest in "two-timing" and all you seek is sincerity and "straight-dealing".

You wish to be left in peace... no more conflict and no more differences of opinion ... In fact you just don't want to be involved in any arguments of any shape or form ... All you want is for "them" to get on with it - and to leave you alone..

This is actually pretty true, but I expect these things are written that way.

I guess if other people post theirs, I can see how fitting those are as well.
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