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Better control of hdmi audio.

If I have diaplay port monitor, HDMI TV on one port and reciever /projector on another I want to be able to choose between TV using its own audio or use reciever audio out with the TV.
And I also want to then be able to choose to use the reciever audio with the projector or r4eciever audio with juts the monitor.

I don't want to be constantly unplugging devices just so I canget audio with the device of my choice.... Which I think was waht it used to do years ago in the early days of HDMI.

I understand they AMD may want to keep their "smart" auto behaviour fo most users but they should add a advanced setup module for complex setups that need to be able to control input selection.

I mean they put 6 outputs on a video card but with no way of controlling what outputs are used for what.....that is amajor shortcoming.
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