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Default Theater Mode & Windows Media Center and Catalyst Media Center: Does it work?

I am looking to upgrade to the new TV Wonder 550 with the new included Catalyst Media Center (aka Powercinema). I downloaded the trial version of Powercinema and used it with my TV Wonder Pro. The software worked well but "Theater Mode" did not work properly as the TV video was not properly scaled to fullscreen on my television and only appeared in a box with the rest of the Windows desktop displayed behind it.

I run a digital flat panel and also output to my television and like to be able to use the Theater mode option with CCC. It works for the majority of my media players including BSplayer, ATI MMC, Windows media player, etc.

What I am wondering is if the ATI version of Powercinema4 with a TV Wonder 550 does correctly work with Theater Mode?

Also, for those of you now using Windows Media Center with an ATI video card, does Theater mode also work with Media Center, as I am planning on upgrading to Vista Ultimate when available and would also like this functionality?
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