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Originally Posted by Falcon1 View Post
Well, to be fair. It does warn you, it will uninstall all drivers. It is a very bad idea to use that tool, if you are running an RAID array from an AMD chipset...
AHCI should be save, as Windows should just use default AHCI drivers instead.
As I mentioned to Lurk, I did use the new version of the uninstall utility yesterday--after setting a restore point for insurance, of course--and I had no difficulty whatever with it I was glad to see--and I run a 1 TB AMD RAID array, but am not booting from it (Win8.1x64 boots in 15 secs, cold, anyway, and from an older, slower Seagate S2.)

The way the driver uninstall program works, if Windows is running properly, then upon the program-prescribed reboot Windows will install its standard placeholder driver until you can install the latest AMD driver set--and that's what happened with my RAID array, evidently, as it survived wholly intact. If someone is booting from a RAID array then of course the rules may change. AHCI is set within my EFI and Windows installs the driver as per that UEFI setting upon reboot. Had no trouble with that, either.

For what it is worth, the uninstall utility gave me no problems whatever. I don't care to use it every time, however, because it deletes my game profiles and if I had remembered that it did that I probably would not have tried the utility yesterday at all... But, I'm glad I used the program in the sense that it provided a very clean slate to install the latest 14.3 betas into...certainly cleaner than the one I had originally installed them into!

Ah, ha--now, back to some Exult U7...
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