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Originally Posted by Lurk View Post

To both of you, on my previous system (Win7 - 890FX chipset - AMD PhenomX4 CPU and Crossfired 7950's), I used that darn utility many times w/o ANY issue, then it was removed from AMD's website for a while, then yesterday it re-appeared and I thought what the heck. For some reason this new Win7 installation on revamped system (990FX chipset - AMD FX CPU) didn't like what I was doing.
Pulling my hair thinking I got everything perfectly set up less than a month ago, and now here I'm all-over again having to restart EVERYTHING from scratch. Nothing, NOTHING I did last night allowed me to enter OS in any way, although drive content and RAID array are still intact. Can't believe what a nuisance this is going to be, I'm pissed like a suburban sidewalk.

Thx for your comprehension, guys.
So what do you think--they've changed the utility? Hmmmm...I still have my old one around, think--I'll download the new one and compare bytes if nothing else. Did you still have your old version of the uninstaller handy?

Oh, hey--I greatly sympathize--I can dimly remember what it's like to get your system hosed--not fun. I just think it's important to nail the cause of something like this--at least, for me it would be. It probably isn't the uninstaller, but if they changed the application somehow, then it certainly could be. Hope you get it sorted ASAP!

Edit: Yes, according to the site, AMD updated the Uninstaller earlier this month....and, of course, I just had to try it... But not before creating a SRP, just in case what happened to you happened to me!

I had no problems with the utility, I'm relieved to say. To that end, I think I know what may have happened to you. Towards the end of its uninstall routine, the driver uninstall utility drops all screen feedback for ~20 seconds or so. In fact, I thought the program had actually finished because all visible feedback from the utility had ceased. I was about to reboot but I noticed that my hard drives were still churning, so I elected to do nothing and continue to wait. That was the right move, because after about ~20 seconds of zero feedback, a large requester pops up in the middle of the screen and tells me that the program is now finished and asks me to conclude by hitting the "finish" button on the requester. I note that drive activity has ceased so I hit the "finished" button, which is immediately followed by another requester informing me that I must reboot. I hit "OK" on that popup and the system reboots. It came back up fine in low-res, and I immediately installed the 14.3b's and afterwards checked to see that all other drivers had been correctly reinstalled and they had. (Actually, I liked this version of the uninstall program better than the original.)

However, seeing as how your system came back up completely hosed, I'm wondering if you didn't reboot during that lull in the program while the program was still running but without any visible screen feedback to make you think it was. I was tempted to go ahead and reboot, myself, because I thought it was done, so I know that at that point it certainly *seems* like the program has finished even though it hasn't. Rebooting before the program had finished would certainly account for what happened to you. Other than that, all I can say is that the first time I used it the program worked as advertised.

That would be my one criticism of the utility--that it doesn't maintain a constant visible screen feedback until it's finished--or else I can see many people rebooting at the wrong time and in the process getting fairly fouled up. Hope this helps in some fashion.
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