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Originally Posted by Alientank View Post
1) People come over a hill, I see them at the same time they see me, but they have their gun out and have shot me before I get a round off. Yes my reflexes are fine.

2) People running from me who for whatever reason are able to spin mid air and kill me in 1 shot despite me putting 3-4 rounds in their back already.

3) Being behind a cement wall for a second or so after taking fire, and on a server that claims to have 20 ping for me, yet still take an extra 1-2 rounds damage.
1 and 2 sound like a standard Halo match and happens all the time when I play with low ping which is frustrating, 3 I haven't had too much but still there.

Probably just netcode but I'm not holding my breath for a fix.
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