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Originally Posted by SoulFly View Post
like very many games surpass True 720p anyways
most all of them are just upscaled, which really doesn't visually do anything for the graphics, it just fits the image onto the screen.

Just do what i do, use a hardware HDMI ripper and Blackmagic HDMI card
However, since most people convert the images to Jpeg and downsize them, its still just as pointless.
With the one true 1080p game i have, its impossible to tell the difference between 720p after its been jpeg'ed and downsized. maybe a tad less aliasing..maybe but of course i'm no photographer either.
Most of my images that i keep, i use them as wallpaper so i keep them .BMP

you can also upsample your monitor so your capture card images are then downcoverted to naitive resolution and from what i can tell, imo it certainly seems to help with aliasing...but such alterations is kinda cheating imo if your sharing them, might as well photochop them to death like the publishers do.
Can you tell me more about this capture method?
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