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Cool Racing videos...come watch

Here are some videos I have acquired. Most of them are clean, but there may be some swearing is some of them....if this is a prob mods, drop me a PM and I will remove them asap.

I did not intend to post so many....I was really only looking for a certain video. Oh well, I posted enjoy

P.S. If there is something specific you would like to see, I may be able to locate it...just ask.

*=good video
Keep it COOL and MOD on

**Corvette vs. Supra. (sweet)

240z with a turbo charged 305 V-8 vs. Mustang

CRX vs. SRT-4

*Mustang GT vs. Zo6

Mustang getting owned by a Supra (I must say that the stang won the second race)

*Turbo Huyibusa (spelling)

Fast Focus

*Acura RSX

Bikes (unknown)

*240z with turbo 305 V-8 (bad launch)

Inside look at the 240z

V-6 Camaro getting SPANKED

Argument....fat guy on the left has the Z...while the smaller guy on the right has the Civic...they will race in the next video

The results of the argument....a race

Acura Integra Type-R TURBOCHARGED

*F-150 Lightening vs. M3

WRX getting spanked by Supra

FAST 510


Pimp with his lambo(atleast he thinks he is a pimp )

*Nice Mustang

*DARWIN section*

One of my favorites....this kid is almost nailed a groupl of people, and is trying to look hard while he gets yelled at.

****Some idiot almost looses a couple pounds of behind

Card board bodykit....need I say more
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My g card mod Funniest thing on the planet!!!!

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