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Originally posted by demonic
Ok then, so if we imagine then with Cg, those devs will be implementing NV code paths / extensions into the game..

A) ATi cards will be able to emulate them?
B) or will the game full back to software routines?
C) or just flat our not work?


D) ATi will approach the devs and fill in the gaps for ATi hardware.

or hell freezes over..

E) ATi builds a backend for Cg. Cg then becomes a moot point.
it's a dx game there are no nv code path per se. There are 3 new shader versions though

1. ps2.0
2. ps2.0 extended
3. ps3.0

ati(r300) supports (only) ps2.0
nvidia(fx) supports ps2.0 and extended
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