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Originally Posted by ViCyniC
Excuse me?

Never said I wasn't. But that pic is offensive. I do wear glasses, but I'm not fat, nor am I white.
Oh come off it man. Obviously not all fanboys are of the same body build, visual capacity or racial background for that matter.

Nothing pisses me off more than people who take offense to an obvious joke designed to emphasize point rather than offend.

Moreover, responses such as yours to said joke scream "I can't think of a good comeback so I'm going to be indignant about the most rediculous thing I can come up with"

EDIT: Final thought on the matter is if you can't look at at pic like

and laugh, then you shouldn't be browsing ANY net forums because trust me bro, there is a lot MORE offensive **** out there than this
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Originally Posted by Vandelay
Sometimes if porn ain't downloading fast enough, I just run Mafia, get some hand lotion, and have a great time.
Originally Posted by |FRITZ|Dude uber your ****ing huge. Just walk up to the twat and pump your fist..that'll do it. :bleh:

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