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Default Crappy Dual Graphics


my laptop does support Dual Graphics, but it works horrible. If you want to know it exactly, it doesn't work. Either the game isn't even enabling Dual Graphics ( Crysis 3, BF4, Metro etc) or Dual Graphics is a stuttery mess and not playable at all (Sleeping Dogs, 3DMark) Allthough it gains A LOT of a better score in 3D Mark (1900 to 2800) but the displayed image is still a stuttery mess.

Of course I tried to apply the good crossfire profile of 3DMark to the games which aren't enabling Dual Graphics, but then it's a stuttery mess too, goes from 28 FPS to 40 FPS in seconds and back (30 stable FPS with HD 8750m alone)

So basically I can't use Dual Graphics at all even though it has a great potential. I know Dual Graphics between two different architecture is a bit complex but c'mon it's a praised feature from AMD and I want to usw it. Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the power that my dedicated 8750m delivers but if there's such a great improvement, why not optimize it so I can take advantage from it? And my integrated APU is not bad at all at gaming so... see what I'm saying?
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