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Not sure exactly what you are trying to do.

If the idea is to use surround or simply expand the the sound from two channel stereo to surround then ffdshow filter might be worth a look.

This filter assumes the source is sending Dolby encoded sound stream

Keep in mind that surround normally includes introduced delays between front and rear ~20ms. With ffdshow you can set the delays as needed.

This filter will 'expand' the two channel audio to surround.

Keep in mind that normally the audio and video are synced at the processing phase and in your setup there is no physical link between the streams.

Your delay issue may also be coming from the receiver. Look for a setup option on the receiver which is sometimes called "RF Mode/Line Mode". Change the value and see if that helps. Note: You could also disable surround sound on the receiver and let ffdshow expand the sound. This may have less delay factor.

Originally Posted by cd993 View Post
Hi, I am trying to upmix the stereo out of my Sky satellite whch is connected to my pc through the line in using Graphedit. I so far have a basic set up as follows:

Line in ---> AC3 Filter ---> Outut

The problem is that there is a delay of a few seconds. I am new to all of this and would be grateful if someone could give me some pointers and suggestions of the best encoder to use and if I should be using more than one (as I noticed some peoples set ups in Graphedit have a fair few more than my basic input, encoder and output!)

Many thanks!
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