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Originally Posted by JHoff80 View Post
You have to make the key yourself, the other thread listed early on in this one has a link to a reg file on another forum to do it with. However, I'm not entirely sure its fixed or not. I went to sleep last night, and today went to wake my computer from sleep and it had locked up. I'm not sure its related or not because I wasn't on the computer at the time, but its worth noting. Also, I have had a couple of "stopped responding" messages, but not the problem of 4 of them and then a BSOD quite yet.
Yeah, that's what I figured after I got off the phone with Microsoft's tech support concerning the stopped responding issue. That was a complete waste of time; they basically want to push it off on the video card vendor(s). At any rate when I asked about those strings, they puckered up like I was asking for the keys to Fort Knox. Anyways they did confirm that those strings weren't on any of their vista machines either; and looking over that talking paper again gave me the impression they had to be created. I am however still awaiting a response back from a tech support supervisor. We'll see.

As a side note, I switched back to a Sapphire "fan fix" BIOS I had for my card and the "stopped responding" errors seems to have slowed quite a bit. This BIOS seems to be more stable then the official ATI BIOS I posted about here for my system. At least I can play a game for longer then 10-15 minutes without a crash now. I played a HL2 Mod for about an hour and just got one crash. This same game gave me like 3 or 4 crashes within the same frame before switching BIOS'. Next up... FEAR - Perseus Mandate, the real "stopped responding" producer for me.

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