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Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post
Hmmm…was hoping the “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” problem would be fixed with the release of SP1, but after a clean install of Vista Ultimate x64, SP1, and pristine driver installs on a non overclocked system….the error still pops up. Alrighty then

And for those that don’t think this is a "problem", have a look here, here, and here, Microsoft’s fix, which obviously was pre SP1, cause when I tried it I got “This update does not apply to your system” notification box!

This appears to be an equal opportunist problem with regards to video card manufacturers, but not to OS's as it only seems to strike Vista.

And yes this problem was there with Vista Ultimate 32 bit, even with the beta release of SP1 installed on my machine.
Up the voltage on your memory or replace them. I had the exact same problem.
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