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Originally Posted by ZeBool View Post
It's part of WDDM.

Looks like if you set TdrLevel to 0, it should stop.
Very interesting reading; strange that a lot of users report this problem even without game play; I on the other hand “only” get this problem when I play games, that’s it.

I’m also struck by this note (warning?) to software venders:

“Ensure that the DirectX graphics application does not run at a low frames per second (FPS) rate. As the FPS decreases, the likelihood of the GPU getting reset increases. If the application is running at 10 FPS or lower and a complex graphics operation is about to start, then a flush can be inserted.”

This certainly says a lot about the DirectX requirements for FPS with regards to the TDR model Vista uses, which if not followed, will (is) definitely cause (ing) problems. It seems to me that we are seeing this with older games right now under Vista, and, some early newer games (Crysis), but it’d be interesting to see how the game that’s are coming out in the near future perform under Vista?… but that’s another topic all together. Right now, we’d like to get the “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” problem fixed!

I think Microsoft, with the help of software and hardware vendors, needs take a real hard look at their TDR model under Vista and get this issue sorted or patched out. As of now, this is a major pain in the butt for the end users. I had hoped this would have been resolved under SP1; it seems it hasn’t.

Thanks for the link ZoBool
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