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Originally Posted by Djinn View Post
Three year old devices? Sixteen months ago, the newest iPod Touch available was the 2g.
Yeah, but when did it come out? You don't call the PSP a new device just because it is the newest PSP available. The 2g devices were never powerful enough to begin with IMO (had a 2nd gen iTouch and a iPhone 3g, I loved them, but they were slow), and it has only gotten more apparent since then.

Anyway, I understand the annoyance at being left behind on certain titles, but it also sucks to have a new device that isn't being utilized because of devs having to target old tech. It isn't as if games will stop coming out for the 2g devices, but it would be nice if the larger budget 3d games were targeted at the newer devices to take advantage of the much more powerful CPU/GPU available. Devices that are capable of near 360 quality graphics are left running dreamcast quality graphics for the most part (gah, dead rising is a farking joke ), and it is a damned shame.

Course, as annoying as it is on iOS, it is an even bigger problem on Android.

As much as I feel for gamers with older devices, I want this...

... and not this...

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