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Originally Posted by switchWRX
Depends what you like I guess, I think the 350z looks feminine - No, your right the 350Z isn't "slow" but for the money it is -- on a track day I killed a 350Z with my then STOCK WRX. I just find most people driving driving 350Zs are men going through a middle crisis -- bald old dudes trying to race me at stoplights.
I am 27 and have a full head of hair and no crisis. Just wanted a bad-ass car I could afford to pay off all at once and I was going for style. I tossed around a few models and made my decision. I haven't regretted it since. Looks plenty mean to me.

I did look at the WRX, and it is a force to be contended with, a truly sweet ride. I just liked the 350Z style more, it just looks and feel tighter and more sporty, to me.
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