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Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
In regards to the boosting voltages, maybe it's normal, but these chips run hot at idle because the cores keep boosting all the time. Like they're constantly boosting on and off, so your temps are always like 50+C.

I'm not sure if there's a bug or what (Ryzen 2000 also had similar issues although not as bad). The solution for me is to just run in Power Saver. The cores will still boost up, but Windows restricts it so it's less aggressive and doesn't happen constantly. Then they'll actually idle at 30-35C. When I need more performance, which pretty much is only when gaming, I just use Power Plan Switcher to quickly click over to Balanced.

The problem with the high idle temps is it's hard to set a fan curve because the cores are almost always hot, but it's not because your cooling is actually being stressed, it's just because they are running at high voltage/frequency and it doesn't transfer from the core to your heatsink/AIO fast enough. I guess you could set your curve based off of VRM temp or something but for me it's easier to just run in Power Saver. Performance for standard things like web browsing, word processing, Youtube etc, is overkill even at 2.2 GHz core clock, so it doesn't even matter.
The joys of being a first adopter, amirite?

Thanks for the tip...there seems to be some programs (such as Corsair iCUE and Steam, for a couple of examples, but also some HW monitoring programs and other stuff) that poll the cores so often on the new Ryzens, the cores stay in boost mode even when you're not actively running any foreground stuff. If I didn't kill those programs, I was getting 50-55 deg C at idle on my 3700X, even with the CPU fan jacked all the way up, but, under load, it'd never increase more than another 10 deg C.

AMD needs to get with Valve, Corsair, and others to find out why this is happening and fix this, but, otherwise, I'm not stressing too much, because it will get fixed...there's too many people right now having the same issues and they're the ones who tend to buy and promote AMD's stuff to others.
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