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Originally Posted by spindoctor View Post
here's what the steelbook version looks like. the one on the left is the regular plastic box that i bought for a friend here on rage3d. the other one is my collector's edition steelbook.

as for stacked dvds, i'm not completely sure what you mean. they are obviously kept one on top of the other but they have their own slots so it doesn't really harm the discs.

no when i mean stack dvd, there are only one slot for both dvd. so one dvd will be sitting on top of the other one... which is insane. to me i really have never purchase anything like this.. isn't this very easy to scratch the disc.

asian version is a rip off..... even the box design is lazy, and cheap

For 400 HK dollars, the quality of the box is very cheap. 2 dvd in a single slot, even china pirate game which sold for 10 dollars support 2 slot for 2 dvd.

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