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Originally Posted by Auric View Post
First result is a patch... dunno about full but surely they are out there.

El Alamein was the first map I loaded to mess about with DC. Love the HIND and Gazelle. I was wing-ed death with the Frogfoot though.

The thing that struck me after not having played for so long is that in DC the weapons are far more lethal and vehicles more maneuverable than in BF2 (likewise original BF1942). Yet it was a blast and not frustrating. The same is true for FH/FH2. So, I hope that BF3 modes will appropriately distinguish that type of play. I did not try BC2 so don't know if modes were done well.
From what I can remember I never felt like things were unbalanced either. I know snipers were a bit irritating at times, but other than that it was pure fun. I prefer original 1942 though. One reason being the planes were much more fun and none of this AA nonsense. Flack cannons were much more balanced and even fun to try and dodge. But yea, DC did seem like a much better game than BF2. Things like commander and spotting ruined it.
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