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Originally Posted by Sasquach View Post
I don't think its much of a problem now than it was before.
Before you needed the best phone to get Android to run without any limitations or performance issues. lower end Android was a crapshoot and you wanted to stay the hell away from anything less.
It was where iPhone and windows phone had an advantage cuz those ran smooth and fine on the lesser end hardware.

Nowadays I think Android runs fine on anything. Its just the lower end hardware will drop OS support sooner than the higher end. Don't think it's any different than iPhone hardware support.

There is still some wonkiness which seems to effect a large number of people even if they don't use the capability. Bluetooth in it's data sharing capability is supposed to transfer track names of songs to car stereos that support the function. Elysian talked about it on page 2 iirc. As of Android 6 it seems like this worked for most people. When 7 was released phones that previously worked stopped properly displaying the tracks and some people have claimed issues with data transfer as well. This particular issue isn't limited to a single phone, manufacturer, or any other addons. It appears to be an issue with Android 7.

Sadly I went from an iPhone to my Android, what I can say is that on my iPhone I could get to the playlists via stereo and navigate them. On Android I can't use that entire function and more often than not the tracks don't have any data displayed. This is across two or three filetypes, all of which are supported and all of them worked just fine on iOS.
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