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alright, time to put an end to this thread right here. first didn't ATI say 8-12 new driver releases a year? that would be about 6-8 weeks on avg in my book. maybe a little less maybe a little more. and if my memory serves it's been 4-5 weeks since Catalyst?

Just remember that when the 6025s, 6043s, 6071s and 6093s were leaked we got an official set of those drivers within 2 weeks or so of that. I bet that if this rumored July 17 is the day Radeon 9700 is released we see official 6107s or something newer which would follow with the usual 2 weeks we've seen in the past.

Also remember that you don't actually know who is holding the official drivers back. Before they can be official they have to be WHQLed by M$. M$ is slower than hell with that. For all we know the 6107s have already been given to M$ for approval. Hell the 6102s we got last week may be half way through approval for all we know.

I'm not saying I'm right but I think it's wrong to complain about getting leaked drivers instead of official. because the leaked drivers show that ATI is doing their job.

so please either quitcher *****in' or use leaked drivers.

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