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Default Re: Depends on if you need DVD or not.

Originally posted by ArcCoyote
If you don't need DVD, download the MMC and related components from the ATI website. If you DO need DVD, or don't feel like downloading over 50 megs of bloat, buy a CD from ATI's web store. You'll get a new CD with Cat 3.1, MMC, DVD decoders, and Remote software.
I did download the MMC, DVD Player 7.6, Hydravision 3.20.2020 and Remote Wonder 1.2 upgrade from the Cat 3.1 download page. ,

but am cornfused as to whether I can just install from these downloads or do I have to install anything off the CD that came with the card?

How would I verify which version of MMC and DVD is on my CD?

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