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Red face Help with ATI software updates

After a marathon installation of my 8500DV vid card, which included a RMA, 3 different driver sets and 4 raid 0 rebuilds I discovered my Power Supply was inadequate. The fine print read 185W max with 3.3v and 5v rails...

It sucks being a novice at times...ahh well, most of the time. I read the driver update primer from shasha and genius about 6 times each and have become very compitent with drivers, but this is the first time I've got to the software for the 8500DV.

I'm lost and the updated install guides seem sketchy. After 6 weeks getting this far, I'm in need of hand holding

I have successfully installed the Cat 3.1 drivers and wonder what to do next? Do I need to install the optional software from the CD or update web site?

As a sideline, whoever said ATI didn't support their cards with driver updates must be on druuuuugs...they were updating drivers faster than I could get mine installed

Please deposit your nickel's worth (inflation) of advice here:

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