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Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
There is that point and it is indeed a good one, and we can also add that games take longer and longer to make when attempting to use the latest technology out there, easily 5+ years and having development teams well into the several hundred people working on the project the entire time.....As much as we think we know what Nvidia's high end Pascal or AMD's Vega can really do, we really don't since the games that require that much graphics capability are still on the drawing board, and the baseline for those future titles is still the console anyhow....It's been the reality for a long time now.

In my case, i'll be moving to LG's 5120*2160 display coming out in January, which obviously places even more load than regular 4K does, and given the experience I've had with my pair of Vega's on my current game collection, feel more than confident enough they've got the grunt to handle it which is the most important part of all.

People don't see beyond "AMD failed" ... The new gen is not necessary for vast majority of us except very very high end stuff and exotic stuff...If Vega 84 was released to match the 1080ti i wouldn't buy it anyway so why the crying...
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