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Originally Posted by LordHawkwind View Post
IMHO the 12nm Ryzen parts will most likely be Polaris refreshes probably named Vega 48/36. AMD said before Vega 64 was launched that they would bring Vega to the whole AMD GPU stack and therefore a Polaris refresh makes most sense. Also in 2018 we know Ryzen APU's are coming and most likely Zen + or Zen 2 whatever they call it and obviously these will take all resources and preference over any Vega launches.

As for Navi, well I couldn't be less bothered than if you paid me! Launch H2 2018 really??? Apart from the above CPU launches will the 'next gen' memory be available - NO CHANCE. Will Microsoft have drivers for that work for a multi-GPU - NO CHANCE. Will AMD have drivers that work with Navi - NO CHANCE. Most likely launch frame for Navi is probably H1/H2 2019 and even then only expect two out of the above three requirements to be available.

RTG at the moment is leaderless and whatever people think about Raja at least he was an RTG representative on the board. All they now have is a CPU engineer in Lisa Su who isn't the greatest supporter of RTG. Not too difficult to see where that might end up.

What I've heard is that when it comes to CPU's, Global's 12nm will allow the second generation Ryzen to clock even higher still, as I remember seeing an article on these upcoming chips where the top end part ( 2800x ) is a 12 core / 24 thread chip with a 4.6 Ghz base clock and a 5.1 Ghz turbo mode.....Even if we assume that the architecture has no improvements whatsoever in terms of IPC over the current Ryzen, the extra clock speed and 4 extra cores is going to put a lot of hurt on Intel's socket 1150 chips as their performance lead gets eroded big time with the red team CPU's running as fast as theirs...

On the GPU side the benefits are there since like the above situation, the new revision allows higher clocks for the same power use and assuming this potential second generation Vega doesn't add any more hardware, the GPU gets smaller and consequently cheaper to make if nothing else.

As surprising as it may sound, the GTX1080 non TI which as we all know is still being sold at a pretty decent price, is just 5 months away from celebrating it's second year on the market since it was launched in may of 2016......Product stagnation and charging high prices is our future if AMD sits on the fence on this market, and I think Lisa Su knows it and those that want Nvidia to release a gaming version of Volta ASAP, should be well aware of the need for Nvidia to feel the pressure from AMD to justify said hardware release as soon as possible.
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