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Originally Posted by schwartz View Post
I can't answer this question directly, but I can tell you my experience with an q6600 g0 @ 3.2ghz and a 470gtx, that the game runs great.

I'm currently playing on high with *i think* 16x aa and pulling frames that are above 30fps. That rate dips in maps that are much tighter quarters but I was overall surprised (a) how good the game looks and (b) how merciful it is on my system.

While there's also opinions on either side of the fence re: GPU/CPU intensive, my experience is that this thing is eating up my 470gtx more than the q6600 though I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there is a bottleneck there as well. Heard a few comparisons to similar performance as Crysis 2 but YMMV
Ok! Then I take it you are getting more than 25-35 fps? cause that's what I'm getting pretty much all the time. Unless I look at the floor it goes up to 50. I have a GTX 260, but even with the resolution lowered it still runs like ass. Only upping the settings to Ultra does it run in the teens.

Originally Posted by Roxen View Post
If it's a 3+ghz c2q you'll be fine. Bad Company 2 was the same way, you get a huge boost going to even a mediocre quad core.

Those procs give roughly the same performance as my Phenom II and Bf3 runs excellent for me, I could max it out if my 6870 had more than 1gb of vram.
Ok, sounds good. I think I may be on the hunt for a C2Q...

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