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Originally Posted by Higgy10 View Post
they dont call from private numbers tho, there smart and spoof a local number

i get spam from kac and his duct cleaning service
calls for the affordable care act(wtf)
the legal department of service canada lol
sharon, my local google assistant
I dunno, I've seen my phone send local numbers straight to voice mail if I've never called them before. Mom is old school so we have a VOIP phone that she thinks is landline and doesn't understand why it goes down with the internet. So a lot of our calls to businesses/services is through that so we don't have to worry about draining our batteries while on hold. I'm not saying local businesses sell their customer's numbers but we've picked up a number of spam calls while waiting for a callback from said businesses. That number has just been getting hammered with health insurance/vaccine spams.
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