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ATI Technologies ATI Tray Tools Build (April 17, 2005)

* Improved 3D detection.
* Now ATT will not try to monitor application which was started from Windows folder.
* Fixed error in "DCC Configuration" window when "Override Display Limits" options becomes grayed if monitor doesn't support DDC.
* Fixed bug with display rotation assigned to hot keys.
+ Added support for Smart Shaders effects. A few custom shaders included in installation package. Look in "Smart Shaders" folder.
* Upgraded "Game Profiles" module. Now you can set individual 3D setting for game.
+ Added "Edit" button near 3D profiles selection to easy change settings in 3D profile without closing "Game Profiles" window.
+ Added "Play" button in "Auto 2d/3d" module for fast playing selected .wav file.
+ Added option to select type of font to draw FPS value
* Standard - fastest font
* Digits - fast font
+ Added support for Direct3D 8/Direct3D 9 games in OSD Module (FPS and FlashOSD).
+ Added new Flash OSD fields.
"Free Texture Memory (D3D)". - This field will show free Texture Memory. Texture memory is calculated as sum of on board video memory plus AGP Memory.
"Show 3D API Type" - This field will show used 3D API in game. (OGL/D3D8/D3D9)
"System Memory Used by process" - Show how much system memory currently used by application.
All fields in FlashOSD updated one time per second but be careful it can sometimes slow down a bit your game if you select "Show all times" mode. Because in this mode, your video board will make additional job to render all characters in FlashOSD strings every frame.
* Changed behavior of FPS meter. Now it can be hidden.
+ Added new hot key "Hide/Show FPS meter".
* Fixed some bugs in ATT Shared Memory interface module.
+ Added option to disable Aggressive 3D detection code for compatible issues.
* Updated "Monitoring Graphs". Added support for minus temperatures. * Added 2 new monitoring sources:
1. Free Video (onboard) Memory
2. Free Texture Memory (onboard memory + AGP Memory)
* Now monitor will display values at left side of line when you point your mouse over history line.
+ Added support for new X850 models
* Upgraded color correction module to support two displays. Now you can save separate color profiles for each display. Now hot keys will apply color correction only for selected display. You can change active display for color correction from Color menu or by pressing hotkey. After loading color profile, you active display for color correction also will be changed.
+ Added hot key to switch active display for color correction.
* All items from Tweak Menu moved into one Dialog Box "Standard Tweaks". TemporalAA, CatalystAI removed from menu and can be access from either Direct3D settings or OpenGL settings dialog boxes.

Download here or here.
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