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Originally Posted by bill dennison View Post
if it worked with any GPU it wouldn't die like Physx
hell they could get 1k just for a RTX card that lasted a few gpu replacements
and it allows a much more powerful RTX card & video card and better cooling for both

proprietary is what kills it

Physx cards were going fine till NV bought it and made it NV only

and proprietary will kill NV's RTX also as soon as Intel & AMD have a open system of Ray Tracing and they will

just like freesync killed g-sync or is killing now
g-sync will be gone in 2 to 3 years
Gpu PhysX didn't die because of proprietary, it slowed down because cpu's over time became more powerful with more cores and threads to handle many dynamic physic effects reasonably.

With your proprietary logic Cuda would of died years ago but has been thriving for over a decade.
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