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ATI Technologies

Originally Posted by Exposed View Post

It's August 2019 now.

Where are the demos and games of this technology? This is not even support of hardware acceleration real time ray tracing under Vulcan/Chronos (which wasn't even announced yet in March 2018 ), it's just a software/tools package.

You know which game actually supports Vulcan ray tracing? Quake II.

What hardware accelerated ray tracing game can you run on AMD? None.

And what you linked is completely different than real time ray tracing done in hardware, which even AMD acknowledges.
TBH Ray Tracing means F**k All to 99% of gamers, the other 1% like you do so good on you it's your choice. It's probably quiet a few of years away from mass adoption which is what it needs. Maybe the 3080ti or later might do it justice but that's in the future.

Just look at VR. Where is it now even though loads of people said it was the next big thing. VR is like Ray Tracing who gives a sh*t at the prices they're charging to run it. At the end of the day if people don't value/want the feature they won't pay for it simples.
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