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Takezo is still being judged by the masses


The only reason why he has to bash Nintendo DS, is because it's rules.

None of the satements are true. DS does not cost $300, DS batery life is pretty long, far longer than PSP's. It's probably made way before DS launch.

I bought the PSP because it was one hot looking peice of hardware. But I have not seen any games that I would want to play on it. To me my PSP is a $250 video player that is limmited to the memory card you buy. I spent $95 dollars on a 512MB stick at launch, boy do I feel screwed now with 2GB sicks now falling below the $100 mark. Oh well. I don't hate the PSP, I just wish PSP had more unique games. I don't like buying games twice.

DS got a pretty good following for a system that does not boast graphics or media playback. This means that people are buying DS for games.

My PSP reminds me of my old Game Gear, but sleaker and less bulky. (that's right I got a Game Gear, and it still works. ) The funny thing is that I own 5 games for the game gear, and I own only own Lumines for PSP which was a major mistake.

I am still waiting for a great RPG to come out for PSP.
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