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Originally Posted by caveman-jim
South Korea is the most wired country in the world and Internet witch hunts have been conducted with such ferocity that people have committed suicide, left the country in shame and taken new identities after being the subject of a cyber attack.

Source: C|Net

Dog poop girl is infamous in South Korea.

The young woman was riding on the subway with her small dog. The dog defecated and she did not clean up after her pet.

Someone caught the incident in pictures shot with a mobile phone. The photos were posted on the Internet with a brief description of what took place, and shortly thereafter "dog poop girl" became the most-searched phrase among South Korean Internet users.

The Internet site of one university crashed when it was flooded with angry e-mails demanding the school take action against the young woman who had outraged so many.

The only problem was, the offender did not go to that school.

"The Internet is turning the whole society into a kangaroo court," the Korea Herald newspaper wrote in an editorial.

Hmm, while newsworthy, this isn't something that would go into ATI, Tech, Gaming or Folding....
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