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This commercial is damned disturbing. It's like there's this huge phallic thing "touching" a pink blob to get it out of bed, and then...

Ehg. (This means I like it, folks. Subversive is good.)

Anyway, the game itself is great. It's by far the best DS game to date- with charming, well done graphics, controls that necessitate a DS, real substance, and most importantly, FUN GAMEPLAY.

Nintendo/HAL gets an A+ for this title for sure. With this and Meteos/Nanostray in the next couple weeks, I think the "drought" is finally officially over.
'When it comes to Nintendo strategy, it's not that we want to make games for kids. It's that we want to make them creative while appealing to a wider audience. Obviously we see games as entertainment, and what we want to do is find the best way to make the gameplay experience entertaining for everyone."-Shigeru Miyamoto

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