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Originally Posted by vgame64
thanks for the reply. and if you would know, could you tell me which processor core is better in general, venice or san diego.
I had a 3200+ venice @ 2200MHz and am now using a San Diego 4000+ @ 2.64GHz.
Not really sure on that one....people have said the Venice core is a better overclocker than the San Diego. But in terms of what you have now, the 4000+ is a better chip all round. You should be able to go higher than 2.6 Ghz though (if you are lucky) These X1800's are very CPU limited so you should see some benifit in even the slightest overclock on your CPU.

With the 4000+ some people report overclocks of around 2.8 - 2.9 Ghz - with the right cooling, motherboard and RAM!

Not a big overclocker myself....I got an 156Mhz increase just by upping the HTT until my RAM craps out. I'm happy with that for now.

Not tried anything else.
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