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Originally Posted by Sound_Card View Post
Do you agree that PS4 just won this generation?
Definately won this E3, but there is still time for MS to revise their plans, even though that would admit to error..

Also a valid point I heard today is that there is a **** ton of people, who are not represented on the internet, who might not even be aware of these things and just figures the kinect is probably fun for the kids. (friggin kinect Adventures is the 4th most sold game on the yearly global charts over here)
Granted that may be a group of "Wii consumers", ie people who buy the system but dont really keep buying games for it on any tangible scale, which is bad when you´re selling the hardware at a loss.
Then again, the core gamers are probably the consumer group you want, the group that keeps buying all the CODs and whatnots.
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