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Originally Posted by logical View Post
No they dont collect any extra money... it comes with the tablet... just like any other tablet. Its apples proprietary cable, but you dont pay extra for it.
Unlike HDMI out which is standard on the Xoom and, I wager, will be pretty standard on all Android tablets. $40 proprietary cable because they couldn't put a standard HDMI port on the device, which takes the iPad 2 even closer to the Xoom - plus I've seen a report (unconfirmed) that Sams' Club is carrying Xoom wi-fi for $539 which seems like a good price for it to me (assuming the apps come, else forget about it).

I love how supposedly serious, knowledgeable companies are still saying that the Xoom costs more than a comparably spec'd iPad.... when there is no comparably spec'd iPad (yet). I understand simplifying for a general audience, but being outright misleading is just free advertising for Apple.
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