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Originally Posted by OverclockN' View Post
All people like you have to do is simply buy something else, I'll never understand why folks go on some aimless rampage against a product or the group of people who purchase that product. What a silly waste of time.
[Im going to preface this by saying this is not directed at any one person... so when I say "you", dont QQ about it]

MY opening comment is enjoy the plastic but dont flaunt it.
I dont care what you buy, but dont try and tout it as the greatest tech product out there and not expect to be slammed. If it buy a Honda Civic and say its better than a maclaren F1 or Lambo and say its faster and hurrr I dont need 4WD or traction or what have you.... you expect people not to interrupt?

Its fine to say " I got a ipad 2 and I enjoy it".. Arbitrarily declaring something is the best (when its clearly not?) getting upset at getting challenged? Has Fox News really destroyed peoples reason? And because its a market leader, does not make it the best (plenty of examples here, look around)

And what can you do/what perephrials can you use with a USB port? What CANT you do? far easier to answer that question.

A silly waste of time indeed.

@Dorxtar, sorry. I re-read my comment and I can see that it can be construed as a lot of vitrol, but I'm just kind of vulgar (as many do know via past posts), so dont take it too personally. Your post did deserve some of it though, and my point still stands.
However I do hope you enjoy your pad2.

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