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Originally Posted by somewon View Post
All of these are inexcusable.
I will not be using my upgrade this year toward a Note 5.

I'll be hold onto my Note 4 just a bit longer it seems.
Inexusable to you and some others, sure. Not for the majority.

I used to think I needed an SD card... then I realized I was never using it. All of my photos are backed up to Google, I also have a dropbox, onedrive, etc. I also stream all of my music from Google Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc.

Sure, if I want a few movies on my phone I'll load them up. And as I type that I just remembered I got my HTPC up and running a couple weeks ago, running Plex... So, really I could stream all of my movies and TV Shows as well. If I know I'm going to be somewhere without signal (ex. I camp a lot), I'll download a handful before I go and still have plenty of space to spare.

This phone certainly isn't for everyone . If you love having every bit of your media/files local and need to run your phone for days without access to charging, this obviously wouldn't work out.
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