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Originally Posted by NWR_Midnight View Post

I did not claim it did, as I already stated above, I don"t know. I simply said I bet it does. Just if I said I bet a corvette can beat a challenger... I really don't know that either. It was a general statement that you latched onto, just to argue.

Textures doesn't use algorithms or calculations to render, where SSR does so no, it is not the same. It sounds like you are trying to say that both AMD and NVidia uses the same algorithms and rendering techniques? Which is false. I mean you just stated all the work/rendering is done on the GPU within it's own code, and all that matters is the output that matters.. so, unless AMD and MVidia use identical code/techniques/technology within their own code and hardware (they don't), then they obviously use different methods at getting to the end result.

You are more than welcome to show proof if you disagree. I mean please, show us that both Nvidia and AMD are identical with how they calculate and render each frame.

I also did not say that NVidia did gimp their drivers. I said "do you not believe that NVidia wouldn't gimp their drivers to make sure that their RTX looks better?". That was a question. Your argument shows that your answer is you don't believe they would.

Might help if you stop taking things out of context just so you can aegue.

And now...

Sorry, prefacing your argument with "I bet" doesn't relieve you of burden of proof. You did still make a direct claim and the onus is on you to prove it, especially if you keep making the same "I bet" statements over and over again.
So, about "AMD SSR" Show me evidence where there is a difference from "Nvidia SSR" in any game. Preferably battlefield 5 since that is what this thread is about. Or any other game like Quantum Break that uses the same SSR method.
Originally Posted by Jay20016
But hey, let us not forget that while you bemoan about how Hollywood is bending over backwards for that market, you're also asking them to simultaneously consider the 'delicate' sensibilities of those state side who need to see a flag plastered all over the place like some Michael Bay movie barfed into another equally worse Michael Bay movie that then **** into the mouth of the team who designs the Call of Duty campaigns with all of their red, white and blue awesomeness with such an overly large boner for America that one does not need to actually 'fly' to the moon, they simply could tight rope on top if it. And if you're concerned about whether or not that penis is strong enough to be load bearing for such a journey, you forget that what fills all of those engorged crevices is freedom.
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