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Originally Posted by Exposed View Post
There's no "AMD's SSR implementation" or whatever you want to call it. That's like saying AMD textures are different than Nvidia textures in the same game.

If you want to state otherwise, then it should be easy enough to demonstrate. Please show me an example where SSR looks different between AMD and Nvidia in the same game.
So, you somehow believe that all rendering in games is identical regardless of GPU? okay.. what ever.

You are more than welcome to conduct tests and make us a video with identical settings using AMD (5700 FX) vs Nvidia (2080 series) in the same system, to support your claim, any time you want. But for some reason, you always believe that everyone else should back up their statements.. but you don't have to. You don't believe me.. fine.. prove me wrong, as I really don't care if you agree with me or not. I for one don't have the hardware to do a fair comparison, nor do I have any compelling reason to demonstrate anything to you, as I really don't give a damn what you believe or don't believe. The problem is, just like image quality comparisons, some people won't allow themselves to see the differences.


Damn, I just woke up, and realized you have even got me confused on what I even said earlier and got me saying it does look better, which is not what I said at all, I said " i am willing to bet AMD's SSR blows Nvidia's SSR out of the water. Specially if the comparison is done using 5700 FX" . Was just a comment.. if you read what I said, I don't even know, why I said "I bet". And worse yet, you some how want me to validate that claim.. It's like me saying I bet a Challenger can beat a Corvette, and you running up all butt hurt and say "prove it"... wtf buddy?

You then started arguing that there is no difference, and that it is all done by the game engine, which is false, as SSR is algorithm based and uses the deferred rendering path, which means the work is either being done by the GPU, or the CPU. With today's CPU's, if it was CPU based, there would not be any hit at all on modern CPUs, which means, that it is the GPU that is doing the work since there is a hit in frame rate. Just as They do when AA is implemented, and both camps have different algorithms and ways of implementing AA, the same holds true for SSR.

Anyhow, well played.
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