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Exposed knows why the caged bird singsExposed knows why the caged bird singsExposed knows why the caged bird singsExposed knows why the caged bird singsExposed knows why the caged bird sings


Pretty sure you can drive vehicles because the recent gameplay video shows you can either kill the driver of a truck and drive to destination, or intimidate the driver to take you there.

That being said, I'd take any x times larger claims with a grain of salt. Like they can refer to metric units or miles, but those units or miles can be represented differently in game. 4 times larger sounds cool but may really be only 1.5 times larger. If it takes say 10 minutes to walk from one side of the map to the other, 4 times larger, with the units and pace being equal, should take 40 minutes to walk. But that's never the case in "x times larger" than the previous game cases,
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